National and California Board Certified


Chinese herbal medicine is best when used in combination with acupuncture, although it is effective on its own as well. Its practice has been a tradition for over a thousand years, and utilizes over 365 single herbs and 65 classical formulas.

Herbs can be in loose, powdered, patented pill, or tablet form. Patent formulas can be convenient for more common ailments such as the cold. Custom formulas may be desired in response to more complicated symptoms.

A comprehensive intake involving past medical history and current symptoms is used to determine a patient’s proper diagnosis and formula. A customized formula is then created depending on answers to various questions related to all workings of the body such as but not limited to digestion, sleep, focus, energy, and body temperature. By treating the current symptoms as well as the underlying imbalances, the formula works at a deep level to help the body rebalance to its natural, ideal state and can be altered as needed.