National and California Board Certified


ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE MEDICINE - My alma mater - Site that tells of extensive research on omega fatty acids - Great site with many answers about acupuncture - Everything related to acupuncture - Nice site with info about acupuncture, herbs, and ayurvedic medicine

NUTRITION - Good nutrition information - Info on grass fed meat - Author of In Defense of Food and many other books - this site has many other interesting links - Farmer's markets in Los Angeles

HEP C - Hep C Task Force for L.A. working to support and inform - Chicken soup Chinese medicine, out of San Francisco - National advocacy - Latest research and clinical trials

OTHER - My mother and her partner's website - they are amazing artists - Site for my sister's Oscar-nominated film, very important documentary - Amazing massage by Tanya Lee Jones - A choir of women in Los Angeles that I am lucky enough to be a part of - My friend's beautiful crystal jewelry - An amazing organization that I was part of in Seattle, which provides acupuncture to homeless - Great hikes around L.A. - More great hikes around L.A. - Fun times - The bioneers in L.A. - Local organization with classes and events such as kombucha workshops