National and California Board Certified


Your first acupuncture visit, which will last 90 minutes, will involve a comprehensive health history intake as well as a treatment.  Loose clothing is recommended.  Try not to come to your appointment on either an empty or too full stomach, and do not brush your tongue on the day of your appointment.  If you are taking medications or supplements, please bring them with you to the first visit along with the required forms. 

I will ask you many questions about your health history and current symptoms.  I will then check your pulse and inspect your tongue, both of which are objective evaluations unique to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  I will form a diagnosis and give you a treatment to introduce the body to acupuncture needles and my style of practice.  Follow-up treatments will be 60 minutes but will have a longer treatment time than that of your initial visit.  We will discuss your prognosis and treatment plan, and I may make dietary and lifestyle recommendations, including with regard to exercise and qi gong.